Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 148 and counting.......... Fort Pierce

148 Days or 21 weeks WOW as long as that is, it is beginning to feel like we have been in Fort Pierce that long.  Well, maybe not I can certainly think of worse places to be.  Today, though still very windy, it would have been doable(?) however the captain had a tumble down the stairs of the upper helm last night in the rain.  Actually he never touch the steps!  He is ok, actually very lucky, just a very sore body and bruised ego.  Tomorrow calls for rain in the morning and 70% chance of rain/thunder/lightening in the afternoon, hmm a triple threat.  Guess where we will be tomorrow?  Just as well as it will lend more healing time.

Today was the famous FortP farmers market, yesterday was downtown Fort Pierce Day with food vendors a band and Irish dancers.  Tonight is a jazz and blues trio Oh! and last Thursday night was biker night which is every Thursday BTW they close downtown off to traffic and the street is lined with bikes. So there has been plenty of activities to keep us entertained.  All FREE and if you have your drinks in plastic cups you can walk the streets with them, even better.

Funny you know you spent alot of time in one place when the local boaters welcome you back.  And there was this very nice couple from Mass. we met last month at the farmers market, well they were walking by our boat this morning on the way back from the market, big hello, nice to see you back,when did you get in?  LOL then the big question? How long are you staying? UGH!!! best answer I had was "hopefully we will be leaving BEFORE you."  They are here until April 1st, they have a vacation home on the ICW.

Heres to hoping the next post is from somewhere north of here.

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Bob and Denise said...

Well sorry about you not being able to move north,but if you have to wait out weather and healing you have a great place.
We did make it to St augustine today and tomorrow on to Fernandina Beach.