Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cocoa Village to Daytona Beach and on to St Augustine

So we finally left Fort Pierce on Monday at 7:30am and Landed in Cocoa Village at 3pm Monday night very windy and chilly.
We met a up with The Firestones on Grace Full also loopers its always nice meeting up with fellow AGLCA members.
 We left there 7:45am and arrived in Daytona (Halifax Harbour) about 2 o'clock on Tuesday a bit warmer and not as windy but still light jacket weather.  Once we got into our slip off with the jackets and down to short sleeves again.
Today we left Daytona at 8am, oh its bike week there,  and we are now in St. Augustine (2pm) again it was less windy and much warmer.  As we were preparing the boat (line fenders and such) to dock the wind really picked up for once the weatherman was on the money, We will see if they are right about tomorrows weather as of now they are calling for increased wind passing rain and thunder in the morning and more steady afternoon rains.  Looks like it may be 2 days here in St. Augustine.  The original plan was to be in Jacksonville between the 7th and the 10th for scheduled boat work.  Looks like that won't be happening more like the 11th. 
No pictures today the WiFi is not the best I will get them up on a separate post when we have a better connection.

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Pam and Dave said...

Hello. :)

If you have to be stuck somewhere, St. Augustine is a nice place to be, I've heard..