Friday, November 25, 2011

SweetPea hauled out in Alabama for a check up

SweetPea has a checkup so out of the water she comes

Props checked.... lookin pretty good after 4500 miles since her last check up.  But Jim thought he was feeling a bit of a vibration when we were running the engines up the other day so with a closer look and a good shake we found that the cutlass bearings needed to be replaced. And since she is out of the water might as well change the Zincs since we are now in Salt water again and its been 8 months.

They had one heck of a time getting the props off.  Who knows when the last time the props were taken off, it may not have been since 2005 when the props were changed out after the re power.

They finally got them off and replaced the cutlass bearings.  They washed and waxed the hull and got rid of the mustache.  Shiny new zinc plate, and back in the water she goes.  All the other zincs were good.

Later the next day a mechanic came over to change out the impellers on the engines.  Since we again had no idea when they were last replaced and we have put 1000 hours on the engines we thought better safe than sorry, do it now as Preventive Maintenance rather than have a problem while crossing the Gulf.  Jim new he could change them himself but, one of the engines was going to be difficult with the placement.  This guy was in this position for more than an hour.  This is the first time we had a mechanic do work on the boat, Jim has always done it himself. So I won't complain.......too much.  Jim will do an oil change again on the engines before we cross the Gulf and change the oil and fuel filters at the same time.  He also wants to do and oil change and change out the impellers on the Genny.  But that can wait for another time as its still a bit early for that yet.

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Pam and Dave said...

Sometimes it's good to hire a pro, just for the comfort factor, sometimes to save your back.