Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fairhope to Orange Beach AL

Today was the latest start ever for us, the winds were to lay down after 10am so we took SweetPea out for a test run to check out the work done.  The vibrations are gone so back to the marina to pay the piper, and get a pump out and finally move on.


what a show off

you can run but you can not hide


This is the beginning of the Gulf ICW

We caught up to Jeremiah and NautiNell at LuLu's  for a late lunch, this restaurant is owned by Lucy Buffet yes she is Jimmy's sister.  4 out of 6 of us had a cheeseburger in paradise.

This is the outside area, being 3 in the afternoon on a Wed. it was deserted.  Looks like a fun place though.  Theres a really nice bar under the tiki hut and they have live music here during the summer and on weekends.  Of course there was Jimmy Buffet music piped throughout the place.

Lunch at LuLu's

By the time we finished our late lunch it was getting dark we were planning on anchoring out but this marina was calling to us.  Besides it was suppose to be very cold tonight 40 brrrr.  Tomorrow we will move on again not sure how far we will travel but it certainly will be further than today.


Ashley said...

Amg you finally got good pictures of dolphines.. Only took a year! Look at you guys in sweatshirts and short sleeves.

m/v Erika Lin said...

OK, so great dolphin pictures can be done!! Excellent pictures, now you've made me jealous.

Kimberly said...
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