Saturday, October 15, 2011

Gunkholing along the Tenn River

Since leaving Pebble Isle 6 days ago we have been cruising at Turtle speed, travelling on average 7.5 mph and covering as few miles as possible stopping at all anchorages along the way that we can.  This is the first time we have had the opportunity to travel this way, and it has been great fun and very relaxing.  Since the only schedule we have right now is to get to Joe Wheeler in AL by the 21st, we have lots of time to travel a short distance.  Our buddy boat is NautiNell and Mike and Twyla like to anchor out as much as possible so now is a great time for us to hone in on our anchoring skills, we are getting much more comfortable with it and its really nice to just drop the hook rather than having to travel a certain distance to get to the next marina. 
The Tenn River is so beautiful and we have had the most wonderful anchorages and the BEST company!  The leaves are changing color the weather has been perfect and the scenery is picturesque. 
Below are some photos................. Click on them to enlarge for a better look.

Once on the hook Mike and Jim took the dinks to shore to gather wood for and Fire, this was the night of our 1 year anniversery on the boat.  We had the crew of 3 other boats to help us celebrate.

      They managed to find plenty of wood for the fire.

One of the many beautiful sunsets that we have had the pleasure to enjoy the last week.

 It was a fun night on the island there were 12 in attendance.  Mike broke out his Party Time flag.

At one of our anchorages there were goats on the island as well as deer.

Since most of the mornings have been cool there has been fog in the mornings.

                                       The end of another great day.

                           Full Moon on the Tennessee River

            Our final anchorage before Grand Harbor Marina.

We had been seeing lots of deer on the islands when anchoring out but these were the largest.

                        Mike's offering to the fair weather God

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on your one year anniversary! We are having a ball traveling with you guys!

Mike and Twyla