Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grand Harbor Marina at Pickwick TN or MS?

Today makes 5 days here on Pickwick lake we were to leave here yesterday but decided to have someone from Aqua Yacht come take a look at our AC/heat system in the aft cabin.  Since the temps are suppose to drop for the next few days to the 50's it would be nice to have heat again in the cabin, its actually suppose to get down to mid 30's at night for a few days.  Then we heard we were going to get rain, thunder and lightening and possibly Hail!  So we stayed another day, we are leaving tomorrow sun, rain, wind or whatever.  This is a very nice marina though its a condo/marina development, they have a spa here as well, so the loopers have been keeping them quite busy with manicures, pedicures, massages, haircuts and colors etc.  I got a cut and color myself. 
The day we got in there were a total of 20 looper boat here by the end of the day, since everyone, or most are heading to Alabama to the rendezvous at Joe Wheeler State Park.  As I had said earlier, its a bit confusing, we are in Tn if we leave the dock but the boat is in Mississippi on the dock and when we look across the water a short ways it Alabama.  See map above...click to enlarge it.

                                              Cocktails on the dock in Mississippi

This is a field trip to Freddy T's (TN) the restaurant provided a van for us, only its a 11 person van so the 13 of us squeezed into it.  Number 13 was a Canadian stowaway in the luggage compartment.

                                                                  Oh! theres Sid!

                          Twyla showing off NautiNell's new signs on the port and starboard, nice job Mike.

The next day we again took the courtesy van and made a trip to Shiloh National Park.  http://www.nps.gov/shil/index.htm

Mike and Miss Twyla at Shiloh overlooking the Tn River, we had passed by here just a couple of days ago.

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