Friday, September 2, 2011

St. Joseph's MI to Chicago IL

Today was a great day to cross over to Chicago its a 60 miles trip across Lake Michigan to Chicago.  It really could not of been better!

Happy Hours in St. Joe's, 6 looper boats were there and with a big trip across the lake in the morning cocktails were in order.  Of the 6 boats 3 of us were going on to Chicago in the morning and the others had different destinations in mind.  One was going down a little further to Michigan City, another going down to Indiana just after Michigan City, and the 3rd was off to north of Chicago somewhere to get their mast stepped.  Safe trip everyone!  See you in Chicago.

It was overcast today and very hot and humid, upper 90's today and tomorrow.  But we will be here for at least 5 days and they say a cold front in due in over the weekend.

Navy Pier

More Navy Pier

Later in the day when it cooled down some. we took the bikes off the boat and headed to Navy Pier to investigate.

Jim managed to get a couple of good night shots of the City.

This is Jim's first time in Chicago so he has a list of things he wants to do.  I went to school in West Chicago some 30 odd years ago but there is still plenty of things I will look forward to seeing.  More later....................

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