Sunday, September 4, 2011

Passing time in the BIG City

Today was dreadfully HOT 97 degrees the weatherman said it would feel like 105 and it did.  But we took the bikes into town anyway.  We locked them up at Millennium Park and continued on by foot.  The section we did was the Loop which includes...........

Millennium Park                                                                                                 
I would  
 of loved to stand under this for awhile today.

                St. Peters Church

Daley Plaza Battle of the Bands Pep Rally

The Chicago Football Classic presents a Band Pep Rally featuring Alabama A &; M University vs. Hampton University.

The Chicago Picasso was commissioned in 1963 by the architects of the Richard J. Daley Center to anchor the plaza on the east side of the building. Most public art in large cities at this time was calm and stoic, mainly depicting historical figures, but in the 1960s, architecture in American cities began to reflect the many cultural and modern changes taking place throughout the country. The Daley Center’s architects decided to commission the renowned Spanish artist, Pablo Picasso, to create a monumental sculpture for their plaza.

Hmmm I look at this and it looks very, socialist to me.  Anyone have any info on this one?

              The theater district

        After all that we stopped for lunch at Millers Pub it was quite good.

Some of Jim's favorites I look at the one below and can only hope he isn't planning on putting it somewhere on his body. I see a tattoo in the making. Scary aye?

This was one of my favorites very calming and peaceful its called the equestrian a piece from China from the Tang dynasty the 2nd quarter of the 8th century.

After a long hot day, did I mention it was 97 degrees today? We got back to the boat and received a call from Greg and Kate to join then on Grianan for cocktails.  So we cleaned ourselves up and took a walk over to DuSable marina next door for happy hour.  We were later joined by the crew of Godspeed from Louisiana, we had not seen them since Deltaville VA it was a nice night sharing travel stories.  Tomorrow morning Grianan will be leaving Chicago, and heading down the River system southbound,  and very happy to be off Lake Michigan I am sure!  See you downstream, safe travels.

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