Monday, September 26, 2011

Ohio River to Cumberland River

Today will be our last day on the Mississippi River as we move on to the Ohio River a short ways.  We will have traveled 221 miles on the Mississippi and about 58 miles on the Ohio River that will lead us to the Cumberland River of which we will also stay on for just about 36 miles, the Cumberland runs us to the Barkley Lake and the Kentucky Lake.

Friday 9-23- We anchored on the Ohio River (mile 966) on the Kentucky side there, we dropped anchor and then an hour later there were 7 of us rafted together. Oh, and a canoe! here is the crew of Passport and Southern Belle.

 This is the canoe they were paddling by and asked if we knew of a grassy spot for them to pitch their tent. Hmm after talking to them Passport offered their upper helm to them for the night.  Ben and Jon are on an adventure and are sponsored by a few business, churches and others to raise money for orphans, for more info.  they are planning to take that canoe down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico, they started in Ohio.  And we thought this was an adventure?

This paddle boat also is heading for the Mississippi.

 Saturday 9-24 another anchorage at the Cumberland Island Towhead again 7 of us rafted together.

Sunset at the Cumberland Island Towhead

Life is Good!  ey? Mike

This is a great picture of all of us rafted at the Cumberland Towhead it was taken before NautiNell got there.

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