Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kentucky Dam Marina and Paducah KY

 We have landed in Kentucky and are at the Kentucky Dam Marina,  we will be here for a few days before heading back out on the River.  The first night here we called Patti's and they sent a van on out to pick us all up at the marina, there were 9 of us in our group.  Patti's Restaurant is known for there 2 inch pork chops.  And Jim and some of the others gave it a try, man it looked bigger than 2" to me and only one person ate the whole thing. The other thing they are known for are their homemade pies, 17 to choose from, most everyone got a piece to share with their partners of course Jim needed his own.  I shared mine with someone and that was more than I could handle.  We all left stuffed and most left with a doggy bag.

The next day Jim and I took the courtesy van to Paducah to pick up groceries beer and some other necessities. Beer and wine was the most important as we will be spending a good amount of time in some DRY counties. When we were in CVS a women struck up a conversation with Jim,  she instantly new he wasn't from around theses parts and mentioned a few places we needed to visit, the river front in Paducah was one and we were pretty close so we made a side trip.

Some of the sites on the waterfront, this is the Iron Horse Memorial

This explains it ...........pictures below are just some of the Portraits, you can click on any of the photos to enlarge them

While we were looking at the murals we saw this man taking a coffee break as it turned out he is one of the 5 artists who has done some of the painting, his name is Hank Roe

We found this in a nearby park its a memorial to Lewis and Clark.

Tomorrow we plan to head on out and will be doing some anchoring for the next few day so there may not be any posts.

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Anne said...

Greetings Sweet Pea! Have enjoyed catching up on your blog again - you take such great pictures. Sure makes me want to go finish the loop! You should be the AGLCA publicity website :)

We just moved Northern Symphony to her winter home; haul-out is scheduled for early to mid October.