Thursday, June 9, 2011

Croton on Hudson (Half Moon Bay)

Here are some pictures from Half Moon Bay.....
AGLCA sponsors they offer a .50/ft discount to members, the owners are trying very hard to build up looper business and are very boater friendly.  It is a great stop if you want to visit West Point, the culinary institute or NYC as there is a train station located nearby, an easy walk or bike ride away. There is also a GREAT walking or bike trail that will take you to the beach or along the coast to the park. The town has all the supplies you need CVS, liquor store,  grocery store, ice cream parlor, really good BBQ place, a hardware store, and a nice Pizza place with a complete Italian menu as well.  And if you need a car there is a rental place just outside the gates of the marina.  Nice place if you want to spend a few days and visit the nearby attractions.

sail boarders on the Bay,  this is a popular anchorage voted best on the Hudson.

They certainly have had enough wind for it.  Glad someone can enjoy these windy days.

It is very pretty here surrounded by hills.

Much different landscape for a sunset than what we have gotten use to in Florida.  But feels more like home to me.

Half Moon Bay is located in a condo community, here is some of the complex.

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