Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back on the Hudson after a visit home

We have been at Croton on Hudson marina for a bit more than 2 weeks, well SweetPea has anyway, we went home for a visit and to get some things done there before heading further north into Canada.  Its funny once we walk through the door to the house its like we never left, but we miss the boat. Once we are on the boat its like we never left here.  Its just each place has its own set of priorities.

We did get a chance to catch up a bit with my sister and brother in law, dinner and alot of wine.  But besides that it was just the home reality stuff and spending time with our daughter.  Bob and Denise, sorry we didn't get the chance to get together but time just slipped away.  And Lori Happy Birthday sorry we missed the party.

When we left the boat we figured the boats we had been traveling with would get so far ahead of us, some have and others, we will catch up to in a few days.  NautiNell was here just a couple of days ago, keep looking over your shoulder you two we will catch you in a few.  SpiritDancer, JollyTolly and a couple other loopers are now here so we are not too far back in the pack.  We will have to take a dock walk later and see who else is here.

We are planning on heading out on Monday morning and since we still have the car we will make good use of it until then.  Thats it for today, now its time to put the boat back together and restock the galley.  Until next time......

SweetPea out!

PS......Congratulations to Cindy and Al on your great news,  we wish you a happy and full life together!

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