Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 20 Norfolk/Portsmouth VA

We finally had a day for travel though a short day 4.5 hours at 12 knots. We made it to Norfolk/Portsmouth and are now mins to the ICW. Weather on the Bay was overcast but no rain, waves were comfortable a bit choppy at the mouth of the bay going into Norfolk but not bad at all. Coming into Norfolk you could see all the military helicopters (security) and lots of chatter on the VHF from warships stating their intentions and warning boaters to keep 500yards away. Very intimadating to say the least! As we came into the Harbour there were Naval Ships EVERYWHERE and of course lots of security boats. And the sun came out just as we pulled into dock now 80 and sunny. Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow as we are waiting to see where Liberty and Esperanza land as they are 1 or 2 travel days away.
Heads up! We are at Portsmouth Boating Center cheap money for a slip $50 with free internet and cable but very industrial and noisey! We'll have picures later!


Bob and Denise said...

Hey next time you recommend a marina let us know all the bad stuff too. I have been killing flies in the cabin all afternoon and walking to dog I was attacked by mosquitos,LOL

Sweet Pea said...

lol Sorry i can't believe I forgot about those dang flies. Just think of it as a memory....the mosquitos just showed up last night. But the fly's .....hmmmm sorry? They are wicked aren't they.

Bob and Denise said...

Did you move to a different marina today. Boy the winds are really blowing strong here. Bob seems to think we can leave here in the am.