Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 16 and 17 Yes, we are still in Deltaville Va

Yes, we are in a holding pattern too! After this weather front blows out of here we can all start moving again. So, yes we are still ahead of you but not gaining any more ground. At least we are in a good spot, with all the amenities. It was a beautiful day here (at dock) those very few that traveled said it was nasty out there. I guess that's the consolation. Well, we dropped all our chain and inspected it. You would of thought we had done that before we left, but no we did it today! Everything is as it should be, and in working order. Now when Esperanza says we can meet up and drop anchor we will be a little more prepared and a bit less intimidated.
Oh and by the way, the store here carries all the skipper Bob books does anyone need anything? I know Scott and Lane have become fans, if you need any of them let me know we will pick it up for you.

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Paddy and Steph said...

Hi there, this is Fantasy still sitting in Point Lookout Marina. Had a nice visit with Liberty Crew - Denise and Bob last night.
Hang in there, delays are all part of the schedule (what schedule?) in this nautical world.
When you get going through Norwalk and her bridges (check out the waterways guide for them, they open hourly and on the half), give yourself time and start that part of your trek early in the day.
Once through, you will deserve that glass of wine at your anchorage!
Looking forward to meeting you at some point!
Steph and Paddy Savage