Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sunset Bay for 1 more week

The sunsets here at Sunset Bay are magnificent

Our neighbors, it is a beautiful boat, they are heading over to the Bahama's soon we are seeing alot of boats waiting on weather windows to cross over to the Abaco's and beyond. 

These are our friends Pete and Jerri we met them exactly 1 year ago in Melbourne  Fl. they were heading to Stuart for a couple of months.  We also ended up there and became friends.  Its funny, we hadn't seen them in a year but it felt as though it was just weeks.  And as it happens amongst boaters, they loved Stuart so much they now live nearby.  Their boat, The Five O'clock, 1996 Carver 500, is now for sale if anyone is looking for a very comfortable loop boat. 

Below is the 5 O'clock on the hook in Ga.

Jim has changed out the lights on SweetPea, one of those jobs that kept getting put off.  He can finally check it off the list, the replacement is LED strip lights on both port and starboard as well as the galley lighting, deck lights etc.  75 percent of the lighting onboard has been up dated to LED.

WOW what a difference!

The end of another beautiful day in the Sunshine state.

On Saturday and Sundays there is a huge Flea Market in Stuart, it is actually advertised as a nautical Market but there is all kinds of things.  Sid and Evelyn here's a new business for you,  and you won't have to change the name!

We have extended our stay at Sunset Bay for 1 more week, we are waiting on our US customs sticker for 2012 so we can head out and over to the islands in the next 2 or 3 weeks. 


Pam and Dave said...

Strip lighting! Pam has been after me to do the same thing on Drift Away. Being a cruiser and not having anything to do all day, I haven't gotten around to it. Now she's going to see this and start nagging me again. Thanks a lot!

Bob and Denise said...

Good job on the lights. bob did that on our boat last year. Can't wait to hear about your trip to the islands.

Anonymous said...

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