Monday, December 5, 2011

Pensacola to Ft Walton Beach

Its so nice to be back in the the clear blue waters again.

Jeremiah leads the way

We are docked at a FREE dock in Walton Beach time for cocktails and oysters.  Jim bought 2 dozen oysters at a fish market for $7 such a deal and they were great.  Thanks to Al  from our homeport of Westport Ma opening them was a breeze.  Al had given us an oyster and a Quahog knife before we left home.

Local oysters plump and sweet.

this is the free dock with a nice park with picnic tables decorated for the season.

A free dock, fresh oysters, a cold Shiner Bock and this view.... ahhh Life is Good.


Sweet Pea us profile said...
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Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea,
I hope to see you in Marithon, Boot Key Hbr.