Friday, December 16, 2011

Crossing the Gulf of Mexico, check!

Well it must be time to go, here is our buddy boat for the crossing,  Algonquin, 3 souls on board, Kathy, Garth, and ZEKE.  Hi Kathy! Glad to see Zeke is nice and relaxed for the trip on the bow.

This day will be filled with a bunch of firsts for us.  We are usually done traveling for the day before 4pm  but today it is the beginning of our day.  The plotter shows us heading out through the channel at 4:16 pm with an arrival time of 9:36am ( I sure do wish that was true.)
Traveling 170 miles in one shot, more than 12 hours of it in total darkness, no cell or internet service and no land in sight.

Algonquin leading the way.

Sunset was around 5:45ish

This is what the helm looked like all night.  There were plenty of stars to gaze at  and at 8.45pm the moon rose  but other than that we watched the single white light up ahead on Algonquin.  We did have others to talk to during the night but they were not in sight during the trip.  A group of 7 boats left ahead of us at 1pm they were the slower group.  Also at 4am that morning the Fast group of 2 left.  And the last 2. US traveling at moderate speed.
5.30am we had arrived a bit early and waited for the sun to light the way  as we would be heading toward land and also many crab pots.  


Here we part ways with Algonquin as they are heading to Clearwater and we are heading into Tarpon Springs. It was nice traveling with them and I am sure we will see them down the waterway again at some point.  Merry Christmas Kathy and Garth, oh and Zeke too! 
Suns up time to make waves again.

All in all we had a pleasant crossing sometimes bumpy sometimes not so much.  But wouldn't it have been nice to have glass like this all night.

Total trip time was 20 hours  

Oh! and my Christmas tree travelled well, it didn't even fall over!  I did wire it up though.

Merry Christmas Everyone!  


Ashley said...

Did you ninja your way into the house and steal the christmas tree decorations without me knowing?!?

It looks JUST like the tree you put up at home.

Pam and Dave said...

That's a major hurdle you jumped. Congratulations, and Merry Christmas to you too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweat Pea... I just found your page and I'm really enjoying the reading and following your trip!I've recently discovered the "Loopers". I once had a friend tell me about the ICWW and how beautiful the boating is. Maybe someday my wife and I may go for it!
Merry Christmas to you and yours and again, Thank You for sharing such a wonderful experience.
Jerry and Jeanne - Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Dido above.


In Washinton State.

Anonymous said...

good going have a couple long one's myself crossing the gulf of maine. esperanza is still in Marathon with generator problems waiting for parts may as well stay until the new year have a safe trip