Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Its always something !

The Plan is to head on out of Demopolis tomorrow morning at sunrise, Hopefully there will be NO fog and the lock will be up working and waiting for us.  The Demopolis lock was down most of the day today for repairs. There is quite a group of us here, we just hope we get in the first lock down of the day from the marina.  Since Alabama received so much rain in the last few days we are hoping the water levels will be up enough to allow us to get into Bashi Creek and anchor for the night, if not it will be a long day of over 90 miles to Bobby's Fish Camp.

Since we have spent so much time here Jim took the opportunity to install the Hailer he had on the boat.

Of course SOMEONE needed to supervise and make sure everything was lined up.

Its always something right!  As Jim was enjoying his morning coffee and chatting with Lynda on ErikaLin they both smelt something burning.  Yup, that's our cable connection, luckily Jim was where he was and it happened during the day.  I don't even want to think what could of happened if it was night and everyone was asleep.

The electrical cords were resting on this cooler.  Jim replaced all the connections on the cord and took the time to clean the cockpit out and reorganised everything.  All is good now.


Pam and Dave said...

Holy crap! What happened that the shore power cord burned up? That ain't good.

Sweet Pea said...

had heavy rain and one leg shorted to the ground, the breaker never tripped and when I cut the power the connector was on fire! Thank god I was up and on the sundeck.