Monday, November 14, 2011

Half way down the Tenn-Tom and back in Alabama

We left Midway marina Thursday with the intention of traveling to Columbus a 60miles day with 4 locks, well it turned out to be more than was possible due to waiting on the locks and the sun setting earlier.  We ended up passing up Columbus and ended the day in Aberdeen.  It was an interesting entry way though very well marked.

Erika Lin leaving Aberdeen MS, I love this picture, it looks as though they are cruising into the trees, but they were actually following the markers. 

This is the office for the marina at Pirates Cove our next stop.

On Saturday we set out once again this time bypassing Columbus and headed into Pirates Cove a 51 mile day (trying to make up some time) the locks were much better to us on this day. Pirates Cove, though not much of a marina the people were extremely helpful and it was a quiet night for us, dinner on board and early to bed. We have been traveling with ErickaLin for the last week or so and today we picked up another boat while at Pirates Cove, Ken and Barb on LoopDreams they too were at the rendezvous at Joe Wheeler but we had not really met them until now, the 3 of us would be traveling together for the next few days and upon leaving this marina our next night would be anchoring as there are no marinas for over 90 miles.

Potty time for the pups

Party Time for the people
ErikaLin on SweetPea with LoopDreams
at our anchorage for the night Sumter Rec Area

Sunset at the anchorage

Sunrise the next morning

Theres LoopDreams
Ken and Barb
cruising by Sugar Bluffs

Bob and Lynda
We are now in Demopolis Alabama and will be here for 2 nights as once again weather is not looking very promising. There are at least 15 Looper boats here, its like old home week..
When we do leave here we have 213 miles to Mobile AL and no real marinas along the way so we will be anchoring out, it should take 4 days we are hoping to make it in 3 we will see how that goes.


Pam and Dave said...

You've got some great photos here! I especially like the sunset pic. Someday we'll have to hook up and I need to ask how it was doing the loop with the dogs. Ours absolutely refuse to go on the deck, which is only natural since we trained them to only go outside.

Sweet Pea said...

The dogs belong to ErikaLin, 2 seniors, 14 and 17 years old. I would say more than 60% of the loopers have a pet on board most are dogs.