Monday, October 31, 2011

Taking a side trip to Chattanooga

This is our first side trip since June, its a 190 mile trek up the Tennessee River to Chattanooga and we are told its well worth the trip as you travel through the gorge surrounded by mountains and with the fall foliage at its peak its spectacular.  We are now half way and it is beautiful though a bit chilly in the mornings ( 40s) today it was 67.  We spent a couple of extra days in Scottsboro AL and took the courtesy car out for lunch we also went to the Unclaimed Baggage to see what they had, a trip to Wally World and back to the marina.  We are planning to leave here tomorrow morning and continue on up the river.  Since the days are getting shorter and it's been foggy in the mornings we haven't been leaving as early as we would like, tomorrow we may anchor out since its 85 miles to Chattanooga and we will have 1 lock. 
Here are the pics from the day.................

Happy Halloween !

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