Saturday, October 22, 2011

OH.... Please let there be heat

People and their pets

This dock is now full lesson #1.......

socializing 101

OUT with the old............

IN with the new!

In my last post I mentioned the fact that we have been without heat in the aft cabin and Jim ordered a unit to be delivered to Joe Wheeler.  Well I am happy to report that we now have heat!!!  The unit was here as promised and Jim was all over it when we got here.  It took him about 3 hours to get it installed and 1 trip to the hardware store.  Thank You to Pam on GodSpeed for taking Jim to the store, luckily she had rented a car and generously offered to drive him there.  So last night when it got down to 30 degrees we were nice and toasty.  And with Jim purchasing the unit direct from the factory and installing it himself he saved us $1400.  Way to Go Jim!

Today was spent cleaning, Jim is working on the outside, an endless job.  And I spent the day inside mostly cleaning up after the install and killing flies, we seem to have those spiders we picked up in Canada under control. 

I would say about 15 more boats came in today and the marina is nearly full now,  Check in for the start of the rendezvous begins tomorrow at 3pm, cocktails began early today I would guess by 2 in the afternoon the docks were full of people.  By 6pm we wandered over to the  " official dock party" at the gazebo, its great fun catching up with other boaters we haven't seen in awhile, and the many knew boats that are starting or at the beginning of their loop. 


Pam and Dave said...

Yikes. I have three of those to install. The last one died last week. Would you mind emailing me the factory info?

Ashley said...

Yay!! I'm glad you guys have heat now and that you saved that much money. Good thing dad is pretty handy with installing and fixing things.

I miss you mom and dad!