Sunday, September 18, 2011

Celebrations in the Midwest

Let the Parade begin!

                                            Nice wheels

                                   Happy 175th Birthday Grafton Il.

                                  The Port of Grafton Light

Grafton Marina we spent a week here. partly because of a special they were running as well as the 175 th birthday celebrations happening all weekend.

As well as the land parade they had a boat parade and the laying of the wreath for those lost in the last year.  This girl had lost her husband suddenly last November.

Lots of interesting boats passing by the harbor.

This is the breakwater for the marina, it is an old floating dock, the pilings are that tall because the river will swell up and the docks will slide up the pilings.  They have gone to the top in the past.

Loopers doing what they do best when they are together. Friday Night

                                                                               The Mississippi River is less than a mile away, and St Louis is about 50 miles away.

 5 o'clock Sunday night  NautiNell has FINALLY arrived, we will travel with Mike and Twyla once again, down the Mississippi and onto the Ohio River.  We will be leaving here Tuesday morning for Hoppies more about that on the next post.

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