Saturday, August 20, 2011

Charlevoix to Leland and Frankfort MI

August 18th and 19th

Today was to be and early start but we were held up by fog and a farmers market here in town.  It has been about a month or more since we have had the opportunity to visit a farmers market so we took advantage.  We picked up some homemade breads and fresh flowers for the boat, and headed out at the 9;30 bridge opening in Charlevoix.  The lake was a bit choppy but not to bad for the first 3 hours but the last hour and half the seas were building lucky for us we only had planned a 37 mile day.  We spotted Grianan as we got close to Leland and they followed us in to the marina.  There are 4 loopers here, yesterday in Charlevoix we met a couple who just started the loop a couple of weeks ago from Ohio (Brown eyed Girl) they too were here when we got in.  We headed into town to check it out it has a New England feel about it.  This is there sidewalk sale weekend so all the shops had their wares out on sale.  It is a very convenient town to stock up on groceries as is Charlevoix,  its just a short walk away as is the liquor store, restaurants, and of course our Jim's favorite the ice cream shop. 

Aug 20th

We ended up 2 days in Leland due to wind, but left early this morning for Frankfort 4 hours travel another nice small town.  As luck would have it, there was a farmers market, car show, and art and crafts fair happening here today.  The farmers market was all FRESH locally grown with quite a nice array of veggies and fruits (tis the season) the local farmers had fresh eggs, homemade cheeses, jams jelly's, goat cheese a woman we were talking with has 93 goats that she has to milk.  Lots of homemade sausages, fresh packed meats of course pies, cookies,breads etc.  This is the first farmers market with real farmers, with there own products not something being resold.  Although the one thing I was looking for I didn't see,  potted herbs so I can pot up the planter that SOMEONE tossed as we entered Canada. 

 Leaving Leland theres that beautiful blue water
 nice paint job
 Sunset at Leland Thursday night

 Theres Grianan (left) and Nectar (right) Nectar completed the great loop in 2002 this is there home waters.
 Sunset the 2nd night in Leland cool! AY?

 Today (Sat) we left Leland with Grianan, Nectar and Lifestyles

 the next few photos are of Sleeping Bear State Park

 The entrance of Frankfort MI

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