Thursday, June 2, 2011

Up the NJ shore to Atlantic City and onto Sandy Hook NJ

Great day on the ocean its been 5 months since we had a day of ocean travel, and it couldn't of been much better, here's to hoping for the same tomorrow.  Today we traveled 40 miles, tomorrow is 72 miles to Sandy Hook NJ. 
While we were debating as to whether to stay (Atlantic City) or go (Sandy Hook) the weather report wasn't getting any better and the outlook for the next 2 days were dismal so we left Atlantic City and had 3 spots on the NJ coast to jump into if the conditions worsened.  We did end up in Sandy Hook but the last hour and half was terrible,  increase in wind and the cross currents at Sandy Hook was very uncomfortable.  Once in Sandy Hook it was like glass and not so much as a breeze.  This would of been the perfect opportunity to anchor but NOAA was calling a tornado watch for the area so we tied up to a dock.  In the end we got some rain and a bit more wind but we were lucky the powerful storms missed us.

I do not recommend the marina we stayed at Atlantic Highlands Municipal marina (Sandy Hook) see my review on Active Captain.

Date: 2011-06-01

Captain: goodearth, Westport,Ma (280)

Moorings are for blow boats only! Slip is like nothing I have ever seen , back between 2 pilings toss both stern lines then YOU must pick up the slimy line full of bugs and throw it over your cleat. No pilings between slips just ropes and pulleys. Husband was able to get off after climbing over the dinghy up a 2x4 ladder. Getting back on? lucky his butt bounced off the dink into the cockpit. no cable no Internet $122 for the night! I will say that the boat owners are a friendly group. Oh since I had to cook cause I couldn't get off the boat, 30 amp can't run the ac and the range at the same time. 90 degrees . ugh!

It was quite the sight.
Tomorrow on to NYC and the Hudson River.

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