Saturday, June 25, 2011

Still on the Waterford FREE dock Locks 11-14 closed!

We were originally planning to leave here yesterday but we decided to stay as it was suppose to be the worst of the next 2 days ie gusty winds and rain but of course it was actually pretty nice.  All the other loop boats left so Jim decided to disconnect the black water tanks (2) and cap them off so they can''t be discharged overboard now.  Not that we have ever done that, but in order to enter Canada this needs to be done or face a $500 fine per head.  Jim got one of them done but the hardware store was sold out of the proper fittings that he needed,  must of been the rush the store got when 5 other looper boats discovered this issue and capped theirs.  We had thought this only had to be done on Lake Champlain but we were wrong so the rush was on for everyone at the hardware store.  It will be a week or more before we enter Canada so he still has time to do the other one. 

Here's NautiNell entering the Lock #2 along with Seamoore and the others
Notice how much wall is along side of them (how low they sit)

Here is NautiNell fully lifted in the lock you can see them over the top its a 34' lift
this is the lock filled, the first picture is the lock lowered
This is taken from the lock looking down at the visitors center with SweetPea in the center

This is the other side of the lock when you come out.
Downtown Waterford
Another picture of the riverfront at Waterford.
Again we were planning on leaving Waterford and start locking through the Erie BUT we got an e-mail from NautiNell minutes before leaving that they were at lock number 8 and the lockmaster there told them all, that the next locks were being shut down due to flooding up stream.  It is not known how long they will be closed, its a day to day thing right now.  When we heard this Jim decided to go and talk to the lockmaster at lock 2 and see what he had to say, funny Jim was telling him something he had not heard but made calls to indeed confirm that locks 11-14 were closed for passage.  He suggested we stay where we are as we have all the services water, electric, wifi, showers and easy access to the towns restaurants and shopping.  And just in case I haven't mentioned its FREE!  So here we sit.

The boats up ahead of us will keep us informed of the situation ahead and any new developments. 

As I was writing this a boat came out of the lock and they said the current and the amount of debris in the locks today was unbelievable.  And to stay put till it settles down some.  Exactly what we plan to do.

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Pam and Dave said...

Hey, I stayed there 18 years, it's not so bad. :)