Thursday, May 19, 2011

All good things must come to an end...Rendezvous over goodbye Norfolk

Today we traveled about 50 miles to Deltaville  (Doziers Regatta Point) they have a great deal here 1.25/ft stay 2 nights the 3rd is free (for AGLCA).  Hmm wonder how long we will stay?  Doziers is a sponsor of the AGLCA, in fact Jack Dozier was in Norfolk for the Rendezvous.  Doziers is owner and publisher of the Waterway Guides and the Skipper Bob books. 
 On the porch at Dozier's Regatta Point
 Jim chatting with Steve from Suncat they were our dockmates in Norfolk we first met Gold Loopers Steve and Jean at River Dunes in Oriental NC they are from S.Portland Maine and have been cruising for more than 30 years, 5 of them on SunCat.
 Just ourside the Harbor in Deltaville.
Though the rendezvous is over, today about half of the boats that left Norfolk ended up at Regatta Point in Deltaville.  When we arrived we were invited to Happy Hours on the porch, it was a very nice gathering with wine and cheese provided by the marina.  And we thought the rendezvous was over!  It was a very pleasant gathering, thank you Jack it was indeed very generous of you to host all the loopers.  The facilities here are extremely nice with a pool, very nice bathrooms, showers and laundry room, a courtesy car actually 2 of them and they have a boaters lounge with a big screen TV comfy couches and a leave one take one library.  We stopped here in Oct. on our way down south and because of weather we were here for 6 days.
Tomorrow we will take the courtesy car to the grocery store and West Marine to stock up on item.  Jim may do an oil change and some other boat maintence and I have a pile of laundry.  And though the loopers consider it a badge of honor we need to remove the mustache from SweetPea.
*note to fly swatter needed this time!

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