Sunday, April 10, 2011

Georgia! UGH! had to call SeaTow April 8th - 9th

What a glorious morning!  Going to be a hot one may see 90 today.

I'm FREEEEE.......Jim enjoying a ride on the bow.  Thats 5 o'clock up ahead.  Wait! Whose at the helm?

 The Captain of SweetPea for the moment anyway.  Getting ready to enter Hells Gate.  On that note I think I will hand over the helm to Jim.  Good thing I did for what was about to happen next was most definitely unpleasant to say the least.  Just as we were about to take a port turn into Hells Gate all hell broke loose.  Jim saw something in the water ahead and slowed the boat, an instant later into the props went something then pop!  He thought it was line in the water and the pop was the cutters on the prop, we were in idle at that time.  We radioed ahead to Pete that we picked up some line in the water but ...........then the starboard engine shut down.  We moved off the ICW channel on 1 engine and Jim went for a dive to investigate.  Yup, the line rapped around the prop shaft tight.  Due to the current and his lack of breath he was unable to get it off and it was on there tight!  SO.....

 SEATOW to the rescue!  Luckily they had a Diver onboard and were right around the corner they were there in about half an hour or so.  The diver went down and was under the boat for about 20 mins he came up with tow line.  50,000 pound test 1 inch braid.  Exactly what you see in the barrel next to the diver.  Hmmmm we joked about that.
Off in the distance you can see 5 o'clock anchored waiting on us.

 This guy was quite the character.

 A face only a mother could love.

I whole process took about 2 hours and we were on our way.  A little lighter in the wallet but Welcome to boating,  Luckily everything was fine and both engines started right up and we were on our way through Hells Gate and onto .......Isle of Hope.....  well that sounds promising!

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Bob and Denise said...

sure, you get new canvas and now its 90 degrees LOL I am glad that there was not more damage done. Get done with Georgia fast.