Thursday, April 28, 2011

All safe in Sneads Ferry NC

 The troops are in!  These boats can move, 40 kts and they only have a 9" draft

We had originally planned to anchor in the area of Camp Lejune but weather prevented it. 

 This weather is for the birds!

We have spent a couple days in Sneads Ferry waiting out the storms.  They came through today and luckily we found a safe spot south of Morehead/Beaufort NC.  There was rain, thunder, lightening and considerable wind.  No tornado's here they were just south west of us.  An unbelievable lightening show going on now.  Tomorrow we will head out to Morehead City for the weekend.

update... (4-29) We made it to Morehead City Yacht Basin, we got in about 1pm there are 5 looper boats here. We should begin to see more now as the mass exodus from Florida is well under way, and the AGLCA rendezvous is just 2 weeks away.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Pea:

Did you get your Canadian flag yet? If you do the loop through the St Lawerance River stop off for a few days in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Esperanza and crew will be in the area for the summer.

Look forward to seeing you.