Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jacksonville Canvas and bottom work

As we sit in Jacksonville for the next few days it will be boat cleaning, rearranging and thinning out some STUFF to take back home that is not needed. Amazing how little you really need to live, granted we are not ruffing it by any means, its just everything is at a smaller scale and amounts but with all or most of the comforts of home. So anyway, off the boat comes my golf clubs, Jim will keep his, more pots and pans (too many), way too many clothes although it is tough to pick and choose, anything a little big goes, I have 4 purses on board why?, 2 coolers are going they are just floating around the boat. And an assortment of other things not sure what yet, but off they go.

Today first thing, well after coffee, we hopped on our bikes and off we went first to Boatswain Locker to see Bill and let him know we are back in town. He will start work Monday morning on the enclosure. Then down the road to check out a couple of boat yards for bottom work and a hull cleaning. The boat will be hauled out at Huckins for its annual checkup and beauty treatments. When the boat was surveyed back in June the bottom paint was just starting to peel off a bit, we knew then, we were going to need a bottom job in the near future. We don't think the last paint job was prepped properly so we will see what it looks like when she comes out of the water. And the props, shaft and rudders can be inspected as well. Funny, Paul at Huckins and Bill at Boatswain are natives of Massachusetts, we run into Ma. natives daily here in Florida .

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Bob and Denise said...

Have a safe trip home. I hope you get to visit with family and friends. That is what I missed the most taking this trip.