Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The end to our first week in Stuart FL

And what a beautiful finish to a wonderful warm week in the sunshine state
during the week Jim started to tackle those nasty dining chairs first sanding them
The guys taking a break and watching a Cat boat that the 40kt winds got a hold of, see next picture.
oops Cat boat picked up a mooring rope in his rudder unfortuately another boat was attached. No real damage to either boat but Sea Tow to the rescue took hours for them to get there.
This is what the guys were doing for a few hours as the wind blew in. One boat at a time. Adjusting lines and fenders.
These divers took a look at the bottom of our boat for us. The report had no surprises. zincs need replacing, shaft and props in great condition, Bottom needs a cleaning but not that bad. It will need new bottom paint in the near future. SO now the bottom is clean and the zincs replaced.