Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 16 We have a schedule.... of sorts

sunset in Fort Pierce
That was a mighty big fish
big fish still moving around

So, if you are a member of the AGLCA one of the first thing they advise, schedules while boating are meant to be broken due to all the unknowns. While we have never been people to schedule much of anything, we thought maybe some type of time line would give us some focus. So here it is, tomorrow we leave Fort Pierce and travel to Stuart (a whopping 25 mile trip) there we shall tie up for a month and consider our southern bound trip complete for this winter. From there we will have 2-3 weeks to travel North back to Jacksonville where we will have some work done to the boat (that's about 250 miles). We will then go home for a couple of weeks while the boat is being hauled out and work done. Once we return, we will then have 4 weeks give or take, to travel to the AGLCA rendezvous in Norfolk VA (2nd week of May) that is a 720 mile trip to ICW mile marker 0. We are also planning to do the Dismal Swamp this time around. We will be in Norfolk for 1 week (scheduled). From there we continue north. The only other stop we really would like to do is Washington DC. While there are many other stop overs we hope to hit, these are the big ones. We figure we will be at NYC or on the Hudson River sometime in June.

So this seems to be the goal, for now, and the immediate one is Stuart tomorrow! We shall see how this works for us, stay tuned.


Ashley said...

Glad to see you have a plan for once!

Bob and Denise said...

Hope that Stuart is warm enough for you to get to wear your shorts everyday that your there.