Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 14 St Augustine Fl

Ashley is now aboard she got into Jacksonville on Sat 15th we spent some time at Jacksonville Landing had lunch shopping etc. The due to weather and the florida coast RR bridge we didn't leave until Tuesday. We (especially ME) were more than ready to move on southward. We hooked up with another boat while waiting for our 1st bridge opening and since we were going through that problem area we had on the way in, Jim asked them if they would like to take the lead. (Figuring they would be more familiar with this area than we are.) Funny, they ended up being from Massachusetts too (Barnstable) and they are gold loopers. That means they have completed the loop. We ended up following them the whole day as we were both scheduled at the same marina in St Augustine. It was a very nice traveling day still cool, low 60's but mostly sunny.

We will be here for 2 nights as it looks to be a great town to spend some time. Tomorrow we will leave here and head into Daytona Beach.


Bob and Denise said...

Yeah, so happy that your are moving south, The weather is nice and warm down here. We are technically only 4 days from Key West, but we won't be there until Feb 21. Thats when our daughter and son-in-law will be coming down. So we will just slowly cruise down and spend time in key largo and marathon.

Anonymous said...

January 24th....2 below here in MA....cold cold cold...Hope Ashley is still with you....Wish i was there :)