Thursday, January 6, 2011

week 12 Finally in Florida!

Fernandina Beach just steps from the marina
Oldest saloon in Fla. Try the pirates punch!
Not an amusement ride
This guy was sitting right behind Jim as he was plugging in to electric
The shopping find!
Since returning from home for the holidays we are now in FLorida!!!! It only took 3 months! We are now docked for the night in Fernandino Fla. just barely over the Ga./ Fla. line. It was a beautiful day at sea warnm and sunny completely enjoyable. We docked at Fernandino Harbour marine and took a quick walk thru the town what a beautiful town. All along the way (east coast) we have been in search for a glass for Jims scotch.. you see Jim recieved a scotch glass a couple of years ago for christmas from my sister, he loves this glass and has bonded with it, since then we have been on the lookout for a similar glass since the one he recieved has since got a chip in it. Well today we found it... (only took 2 years and 1200 miles from home) so anyway we bought 4 of them, the funny thing is after buying and unpacking them we looked at the box and saw where are they from??? 1 mile from our house (Reed and Bartons) go figure! But, if the captain is happy so is the crew (ME!) Anyway, tomorrow we head for Jacksonville, we will be spending a few days there in anticipation of our daughters arrival from MA. She will be spending a week or 2 with us. Once she is aboard we will head south, to somewhere where we can lose the sweatshirts and long pants. Jim has his speedo ready in anticipation! Gee, I hope we don't end up in Cuba!


Bob and Denise said...

Fernandina Beach was one of our favorite towns. hope you enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

gee I hope Ashley doesnt see Jim in a speedo....But it he soo need to get a picture ..i need to see that one..:) Glad you are safe and Home away from Home..