Wednesday, December 22, 2010

week 10 home for Christmas

This is a pretty park on the waterfront in Beaufort SC
You can see the marina in the background

Yes those are poinsettias planted with the pansies

Update.....for the last 2 weeks the short of it

The weather cold and wind held us up for a week so in the end we decided to stay put in SC as the calendar was catching up with us. The marina was nice enough to deduct our daily rate for the last week from the monthly saving us big bucks. FYI if you stay say 10 days at a marina (or so) it equates to what a month would cost. When we left SC it was 70 degrees the warmest in 2 weeks.

So now SweetPea is in SC and we rented a car for 2 weeks and are in Ma for Christmas. And wouldn't you know we arrive home to the first real snow of the season (go figure). Tis the season and lots to do, luckily Ashley and I put the tree up at Thanksgiving and did some shopping for gifts then as well. I also did alot of online shopping from the boat and shopped at shops that ship.

Jim and I will be hosting Christmas dinner so still tons to do. Tonight we are going out to the Sandbar a local pub to see our friend who is the piano man there, so it Christmas music and cheer!

Jim just got the computer back from the Apple store so here are some pictures........

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