Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 56 Georgetown SC

Yes! We finally moved, we traveled 55miles and are now in Georgetown, tomorrow we move on to Charlestown SC. Due to the Coooolllld and the calendar we will just be making pit-stops (1 nightstands) till we reach Florida. We will be in the sunshine state Thursday hopefully. It was brrrrrrr today and more of the same tomorrow, at least the sun is shining but the wind is howlin too. The internet connection is not the best so pictures will be added with tomorrows post.


Bob and Denise said...

Welcome back to the water. Don't hurry south because it is cold here until thursday

Anonymous said...

well you left just in time its in the 30's here and wednesday its not getting out of the 20' about BRRRRRRR

Lane and Scott said...

Hurry to the warm climate, it will be much better as you get into Georgia, and then into the sunshine state of Florida, trust me I was there not that long ago.
If you have time go up the St. Mary;s River to St.Mary's Bay, you will have a very warm welcome, lots of area to anchor. Listen to Channel 68 at 8am for the "cruisers" net. Make yourself known when you get in, boaters are very eager to assist in all sorts of things, including cars.