Monday, November 15, 2010

Day38 been in Myrtle Beach for 10 days

We got in on a Saturday and we were joined by Esperanza on Sunday docktails on SweetPea it was coooold that night so they moved on Monday and are now in Florida. We wish them well and though we won't catch up to them again we will continue to follow their blog and hope to keep in contact. Who knows, maybe next year we will see them in the Bahamas where Scott intents to keep his boat.

On Wednesday we were joined by Liberty, we hadn't been in the same place with them since Cape May very nice to see them again though we have been keeping in touch via blog and cell. They spent 5 days here and we had great fun but it was time for them to move on and they left today for Georgetown. They too have many more miles south to travel. We will see them again that I am sure. The torch has been passed to them, as they are now the trailblazers. Keep us informed as to the best marinias and interesting stops along the way!

Weather has been very nice, nights are chilly(cold) but the days have been in the 70's and sunny. We have rented a car as you can't really walk to stores they are too far or on very busy highways. We have been to the Little River water front there you can take the casino criuse and dinner, and there are some some interesting eateries (mostly seafood) as the fishing boats unload their daily catch here.

Calabash, again a small working waterfront with resturants and you can buy some fresh seafood right off the boats. Also in Calabash is a GREAT gift shop, Callahans, where you can walk thru the Huge Christmas shop and look at all the X-mas decorations many many beautifully decorated trees. They have so many beautiful things in this store with many different depts. (we bought fudge) but will return before we leave.

Boardway on the Beach. in MB Enormous outdoor shopping/entertainment area built on a boardwalk with just about anything you could possibly want or need. We spent 5 hours there and saw about half of it.

We revisited Barefoot Landing as we were here in April, again open air shopping and resturants.

Across the ICW is the Barefoot Landing Resort where we stayed in April when we attended the AGLCA rendezvous.

The clouds are moving in today and the weather calls for showers tomorrow that means it cleaning and laundry day! More later...fair winds and calm seas for our friends traveling, till we meet again.

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Bob and Denise said...

We are glad to hear that you have a way to get home for Thanksgiving. Have fun when you go home. Ashley Marina is nice, not as big as the City Marina and just next door to each other. Free van that goes into town