Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 2 Port Washington NY

Well today started out nice even though we had to take down what little canvas we had on the upper helm and travel with only a bimini over our heads. The first hour or so was ok, thankfully I had packed some cold weather gear (Hats gloves etc). About an hour and half into it the seas got crazy and traveling was uncomfortable, cold, wet with really nasty waves. It was just after Hunington Beach Long Island it got better and after that was not bad at all. We finally made it to Port Washington NY. it was exciting to see the BIG Apple skyline as we pulled into port. We thought Bob and Denise on Liberty made it here as well but after we got docked the phone rang and it was Bob the seas sent them in for a shorter than planned day and they are in Hunnington Beach. Northern Symphony cut there day short as well and they are in Saugatuck Ct.
Tomorrow the plan is to get to Sandy Hook NJ. as we plan to take our time in the New York Harbour to visit with Lady Liberty and take lots of up close and personal pictures of her. We heard from Esperanza today as well and they said Hells Gate in NY is every bit what the name implies (very bad currents) . We will see first hand tomorrow! Pictures to follow maybe tomorrow.

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