Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 14 safely tucked in Solomons

Well travel plans changed for the day, we were trying to decide whether to ride out the waves 3ft not really that bad but........when boats set out this morning and then came back in a short while later we decided one more day here was fine. So, I made a nice big breakfast of banana pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage and coffee. Someone told us there was a very nice gourmet market down the street so off we go to investigate that side of town. The excercise will do us good after breakfast.


Bob and Denise said...

breakfast sounds good. Well our part has arrived but as of 1:30pm there are no mechanics available. So now if they don't get back soon it looks like tomorrow am for installation. How long was it to Solomons from Annapolis

Paddy and Steph Savage said...

Hi there loopers! we are still sitting in Point Lookout after the windy/wavy waters this past week. Here til the 30th, then heading down Norfolk way, and the cut. Dismal swamp will not be on our trip. Ending up in Beaufort NC before the 15th! Maybe see y'all on the docks there.
Steph, Paddy and Jenny the Salty Dawg, aboard the Fantasy.