Friday, September 24, 2010

Summer in New England is over!

Its been a great summer in beautiful Westport Harbour! We have met alot of great people and learned ALOT. We've gotten alot of hands on experience on trips to Block Island, made a couple of trips up the Sakonnet River and down into Newport RI. and had quite the learning experience on our trip to P-town. We have had great travel companions and boat buddies on our extended trips. I would like to thank all our dockmates for sharing their many years of boating experience, their help with lines when coming into dock, their thoughts on mechanical issues and some just plain dumb questions that slipped past our brains. The trips out on "JustChillin" and "LuckyStrike" for ice cream in the Vineyard, lunch at the BoatHouse or a cruise through Battleship Cove. And especially the friendships made though out our summer in Westport. A special thank you to Maria and Fred for taking us under their wings at the start and making us feel apart of the E Dock family. Fred?.........gotta love ya! Never found out what your nicknames for us were but we are probably better off. Thanks to Cindy and AL for always being there to share a bottle of wine and stories of our travel adventures thoughout the summer. Thanks to Happy Bob and Deb for the sharing of yourselves, your home and your MUSIC! It really was a great summer and we enjoyed everyones company.


Bob and Denise said...

Hello Jim and Dale
It is nice to meet you. Our boat is a 34 Mainship. We will be traveling along at a regular pace until we reach the chesapeke. That is where we will slow down. I am sure that we will be seeing each other along the way. Safe travels

M/V Erika Lin said...

Hi Jim & Dale
We met you at the Spring Rendezvous in N. Myrtle Beach (we got our Mainship 400 from Petzolds). So glad to hear you found your "perfect looper boat"! We won't be starting the loop until July but will be following your blog. Maybe we will meet up sometime next summer. You can follow us at
Bob and Lynda Krueger

stayover said...
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